Panch phoron / ベンガリースパイスミックス /Bengali Spice mix / Bengali food / Indian Spice


Bengali Spice Mix is ​​a blend of 5 whole spices, popular in Bengal, lightly roasted and stored in jars for use as a spice in cooking. “Punch” means “5” in Hindi and “Foron” means “spice”
This Panch phoron is very unique and interesting, so I will introduce recipes using it

Cooking time 10 minutes

【 Ingredients 】
1 tbsp ( 8.5g ) Cumin seeds
1 tbsp ( 8.5g ) Black Cumin seeds (Kala Jeera)
2/3 tbsp ( 11g ) whole Fenugreek seeds
1 tbsp ( 7g ) whole Fennel seeds
1 tbsp (11g) Mustard seeds

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